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Level 12 / 21 Point Challenge

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This weekly Challenge is not like any other. This week challenge is designed and completed by you. "What?" I hear you say . It's simple really, you all have gained an extensive knowledge of different types of workouts, the benefits of walking, running, cycling, yoga, and the importance of nutrition as the link pin to all your success. The 21 point challenge consists of you choosing 7 activities and planning a weeks training plan. You want to do nothing but walks, fine, you want to nothing but keep a food diary, fine. If you feel those choices will give you positive steps towards your goals than make your choices and stick to them. Here is the kicker, you will be receiving a call from myself to discuss your plan and why you made the choices you did. It's called accountability and without it we are all lost. You cannot make up the plan as you go along. Your first step in this challenge is to have a written 7 day plan that you will stick to. Todays plan cannot be put off to tomorrow as its TODAY's Plan. Too often we plan our fitness and nutrition based on how we feel at that moment based on how our day went, what the weather is like, what our energy is like....guess what ? It doesn't work and leads to you telling yourself every excuse you have told yourself 100 times before. Think of your goal, think of the fitness & nutrition needed to achieve it, plan your week and be ready to discuss your achievements or your excuses ...up to you!

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