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  • Personal Training

    Evolve Fitness Personal Training Services are the solution for those looking for accelerated results. Your trainer will assess your fitness levels, create your unique plan, and guide you to achieve your fitness goals. Accountability is everything and your PT is here to make sure that you are doing everything you can to get where you want to be. Please call 01642 983 143 to book your training time.

  • Outdoor Training

    As covid restrictions ease we will be offering small outdoor 45 minute sessions, for up to 6 people, in our parking lot. Matts and equipment will be provided and appropriate spacing for participants has been planned. Appropriate footwear and clothing should be worn as the classes will go ahead in all weather. The class can be booked for all members with an Unlimited, Once Per Week, or Couples Membership. If you currently have an Online Membership you will have to upgrade to one of the above. Any questions please message or call.

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  • Why you are not reaching your fat loss goals

    Why you are not reaching your fat loss goals: 1. Overestimating the exercise calories you have used - to lose one pound of fat you need to burn 3,500 extra calories. This means you will need to run for between 7-10 miles for seven days to lose one pound a week. 2. Eating more after exercising than you have used. 3. Underestimating the calories eaten (check packaging carefully for information – it may quote calories for 100g and you ate a 700g packet which is 7 times as much). 4. Be very careful about drinking your calories – homemade smoothies can contain 500 calories. 5. Eating/drinking more than you have cut during the week at the weekend so you are in a calorie gain and either do not lose fat or even put gain fat 6. Not getting enough sleep and rest. 7. Not managing the stress in your life, Stress rest and sleep are proably as if not more important than your diet and exercise.

  • Fat loss and muscle gain is not just exercise and nutrition

    Losing weight and/or gaining muscle is not just nutrition and exercise. The problems with most diets that people follow is that they are usually just a set of rules to follow and do not generally take into account: · Your work schedule including shifts patterns, · your social life, · your sleep hours and rest times, · your lifestyle, · your cravings, · your hormones, · your age, · your relationships and family circumstances, · your physical activity, · how tired and stressed you are, · your physical health, · your mental health, · your hydration, · your body type, · your climate, · your food preferences, · your goals (weight loss, weight gain, maintenance), · your budget, · your living situation, · your education, · your medication and supplements. The above all impact how your body metabolises food and burns the calories obtained from it. We are all individual and different and that is why even though two people may eat the same foods it will not have have the same effect on them. A healthy lifestyle focuses on food as fuel, good habits, being consistent, making the best daily choices for you and it is a lifelong journey of learning. Making small changes each day in the long term is better than going all out for a short time, packing it in and starting again. It takes time, trial and error to know what works for you. This makes life interesting so rather than trying to stick to a boring, restrictive diet that you hate and know you will abandon in a few days/weeks/months time try different foods, optimise your sleep, get plenty of rest, stay hydrated and enjoy the process.

  • Can you boost your metabolism?

    Can you boost your metabolism? Your metabolism is the internal processes that your body uses to expend energy and to burn calories. The total amount of calories (Kcal) your body uses in a day is called the Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE). There are four different components to your TDEE 1. Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) this is by far the largest proportion of calories used and is the amount of calories your body uses at rest e.g. breathing and lying down. BMR you have little control over and if you lose weight this amount becomes smaller. 2. Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (EAT) this is the amount of calories used by intentionally exercising. This again may be increased by adding in more exercise into your day. 3. Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT) this the amount of calories used by general activity and movement throughout the day. This is often not considered by many people but if you keep active and walk around more as well as using the stairs instead of the lift, park further away from your destination may add in more calories to your day. 4. Thermic Effect of Food (TEF) this is the amount of calories used by digesting food. Eating whole foods such as fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and whole grains will burn far more calories in a day than those used by eating ultra-processed foods.

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  • Contact Us | Evolve Fitness

    GET IN TOUCH Please contact us to book your : ​ Free Class Trial Nutritionist Consultation 6 Week Introduction Course Personal Training With any questions you have Discuss Your Goals We are here to help ! 10 West Street Yarm TS15 9BU 01642 983 143 What are you interested in ? Fitness Nutrition Level 12 Challenge Personal Training Fit in 42 Course Booking a Free Trial I Would Like To Be Called To Discuss Options Select a Time 00:00 00:15 00:30 00:45 01:00 01:15 01:30 01:45 02:00 02:15 02:30 02:45 03:00 03:15 03:30 03:45 04:00 04:15 04:30 04:45 05:00 05:15 05:30 05:45 06:00 06:15 06:30 06:45 07:00 07:15 07:30 07:45 08:00 08:15 08:30 08:45 09:00 09:15 09:30 09:45 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:45 11:00 11:15 11:30 11:45 12:00 12:15 12:30 12:45 13:00 13:15 13:30 13:45 14:00 14:15 14:30 14:45 15:00 15:15 15:30 15:45 16:00 16:15 16:30 16:45 17:00 17:15 17:30 17:45 18:00 18:15 18:30 18:45 19:00 19:15 19:30 19:45 20:00 20:15 20:30 20:45 21:00 21:15 21:30 21:45 22:00 22:15 22:30 22:45 23:00 23:15 23:30 23:45 14:30 Submit Thanks for submitting we will be back to you shortly!

  • Personal Training | Evolve Fitness | Yarm

    WELCOME TO EVOLVE PERSONAL TRAINING CENTRE Fitness Nutrition Guidance ABOUT US Personal Tailored Service Evolve Fitness was established in 2016 offering a small class personal training centre as an alternative to the large franchise gyms. Evolve has classes ranging from our children's Power Up, Ladies Only, Parent Fit to Kick Fit. With our in house nutritionist and Level12 Fitness Challenges, we tailor programmes to meet our clients individual needs for life long results. Contact Us Subscribe to Our Site To Receive Two Free Sessions, Newsletter, and Special Promotions Subscribe Thanks for submitting! OUR CLASSES Find the Right One for You LEVEL 12 Lifestyle & Fitness Programme Our Level12 Programme guides you through your fitness and nutrition to reach your goals and keep them! No silly fad diets just a logical progression that gets you on track and helps you create lifelong positive changes. Challenge yourself to make that change today! Learn More PARENT FIT Train When Your Kids Train No more sitting around waiting for your children to finish their Evolve Children or Martial Arts lesson. Our Parent Fit Classes are 30 minute long quick fitness blasts that you can do whilst the kids are occupied in their lessons! You have time to drop the kids into their lesson , train, and be ready waiting to pick them up ! Get in Touch POWER UP Kids Fitness Ages 6-10, 11-13, & Team Training The Power Up Programme is designed for children to have fun whilst learning safe and proper exercise technique. Our varied classes keeps them engaged whilst starting their fitness journey with skills they will use for a lifetime! Time to get them off their computers, their phones away, and start them enjoying fitness!! ​ Coaches looking to enhance your team's fitness and win more games? Our Group and Team Fitness Training sessions are what you are looking for!! More Info LADIES ONLY Fun Friendly Classes Just getting back into fitness, beginner or simply just looking for Ladies Only fitness session than look no further! We have a series of Ladies Only 45 Minute Classes that constantly vary to cover all areas of fitness. Nutritionist advice is also available. Just contact us today for more information or click here for class times. Get in Touch PERSONAL TRAINING Time to Invest in You! If your looking to reach your fitness goals and your ready to fully commit to making that change than our Personal Training Sessions will get you there. Your 1 on 1 45 minute sessions are tailored for you to get the results you want. Easy? No. Worth It? Definitely ! Get in Touch LET US BE YOUR GUIDE Everyone here at Evolve Fitness is dedicated to our clients achieving their goals. We understand that every client is an individual and not one plan can fit all. Every member receives an individual Level12 nutrition and fitness plan tailored to them. NUTRITION Its 80% Nutrition Its 80% Nutrition and 20% working out so can you afford to ignore what really matters? There is one simple rule "You Cannot Out Train a Bad Diet!" Our inhouse nutritionist will be more than happy to guide you and find the nutrition plan to suit your long term goals. WEIGHT TRAINING Go For It! New to weights? Not to worry! Evolve uses light weights and Kettlebells to add positive resistance training to your workout routine. As we get older our muscle mass naturally decreases and its imperative to incorporate regular weights training into your overall fitness regime. Increase your strength, muscle mass, and get the results your looking for!! KICK FIT & CARDIO BOXING Fun and Stress Relieving Our Clients Enjoy our Kick Fit and Cardio Boxing sessions as fun, stress relieving, and a great way to get fit! Our Level12 classes incorporates our Cardio Boxing and for those of you who want a full dose of hitting the pads our Kickfit classes are what you are looking for! GET IN TOUCH 10 West Street Yarm TS15 9BU 01642 354 937 Submit Thanks for submitting! Nov 24, 2020 1 min Why you are not reaching your fat loss goals Nov 19, 2020 2 min Fat loss and muscle gain is not just exercise and nutrition Nov 17, 2020 1 min Can you boost your metabolism?

  • Forum | Evolve Fitness

    Evolve Fitness Search Evolve Fitness Get your Daily Workouts, Nutrition Advise and Keep in Touch with Community Members ! Challenges & Workouts Views Posts 211 Whilst we are all struggling to cope with the corona virus here are some workouts to keep us fit and sane! Members Board Views Posts 101 This board is for members to post what they want such as upcoming events, nights out, charity sponsorship, Post It Here! Isolation Level 12 Awards Views Posts 6 For all Members tha have completed their Isolation Level 12 Awards including Bronze, Silver, Gold, Nutrition & Community Health & Nutrition Views Posts 106 Questions on Nutrition? Diets? Meal Prep and planning? Please put your questions and comments here! Yoga & Stretching Views Posts 6 Share all your Yoga & Stretching Routines and Try Something New! Evolve Lockdown Poker Views Posts 0 Results and Commentary on the Evolve Team Lockdown Poker Challenge Evolve Online Shop Quick View Second Wave Classic tank top (unisex) Price £19.99 Quick View Evolve Second Wave Finalist T Price £19.99 Quick View Evolve Isolation Challenger Unisex Hoodie Price £34.99 Quick View Evolve Fitness "No Excuses" Unisex Tank Top Price £19.99 Quick View Second Wave Classic tank top (unisex) Price £19.99 Quick View Evolve Second Wave Finalist T Price £19.99 Quick View Evolve Isolation Challenger Unisex Hoodie Price £34.99 Quick View Evolve Fitness "No Excuses" Unisex Tank Top Price £19.99 Go to Store Evolve Isolation BBQ Sign in Evolve Isolation BBQ Play Video Share Whole Channel This Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied Now Playing L. A. Woman - The Doors 07:51 Play Video Now Playing Eagles - Hotel California 06:52 Play Video Now Playing R.E.M. - Losing My Religion (Official Music Video) 04:54 Play Video Now Playing The Frames - Lay Me Down (Live in Sydney) | Moshcam 03:36 Play Video Now Playing Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine (Official Music Video) 05:03 Play Video Now Playing David Bowie – Life On Mars? (Official Video) 04:10 Play Video Now Playing The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations 03:38 Play Video Now Playing Back In Black 04:16 Play Video Now Playing The Smiths - This Charming Man (Official Music Video) 02:43 Play Video Now Playing American Idiot 02:55 Play Video Now Playing The Cult - She Sells Sanctuary 04:20 Play Video Now Playing Sweet Home Alabama 04:44 Play Video Now Playing JAMES BROWN - Sex machine (Long 12'' Version Videoclip) 05:29 Play Video Now Playing Duran Duran - Girls On Film (Official Music Video) 03:25 Play Video Now Playing Manic Street Preachers - You Stole the Sun from My Heart (Video) 04:27 Play Video Now Playing Sex Pistols - Pretty Vacant 03:18 Play Video Now Playing NIN: "Cars" with Gary Numan, London 7.15.09 [HD] 03:58 Play Video Now Playing James - Laid 02:38 Play Video Now Playing The Doobie Brothers - Long Train Running (official video) 03:43 Play Video Now Playing Wish You Were Here 05:35 Play Video Now Playing Elton John - Rocket Man (Official Music Video) 04:43 Play Video Now Playing The Killers - Human (Official Music Video) 04:20 Play Video Now Playing Echo And The Bunnymen • Show of Strength • 1981 04:52 Play Video Now Playing Big Head Todd and The Monsters - Bittersweet (Live at Red Rocks 2008) 06:38 Play Video Now Playing Frank Wilson - Do i love you (indeed i do) Northern Soul 02:38 Play Video Now Playing Dobie Gray-Out on the floor (Northern Soul) 03:06 Play Video Now Playing The Smiths - This Charming Man (Official Music Video) 02:43 Play Video Now Playing Rainbow - Since You've Been Gone 03:35 Play Video Now Playing CCR-Fortunate Son. 02:47 Play Video Now Playing Ram Jam - Black Betty 02:25 Play Video Now Playing Kings Of Leon - Sex on Fire 03:28 Play Video Now Playing Average White Band - Pick Up The Pieces (1977) 06:54 Play Video

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