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Personal Tailored Service

Evolve Fitness was established in 2016 offering a small class personal training centre as an alternative to the large franchise gyms. Evolve has classes ranging from our Teenage Sanity ,Program,,  Body Bar,  Boxercise, HIIT, EMS, and weight training..

Our team of coaches, in-house nutritionists  and unique Level 12 systems ensures our clients receive a personal experience tailored to their needs..

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Find the Right One for You


Lifestyle & Fitness Programme 

Group Classes

Our Level12 Programme guides you through your fitness and nutrition to reach your goals and keep them! No silly fad diets just a logical progression that gets you on track and helps you create lifelong positive changes. Challenge yourself to make that change today!

Body Bar & Bands

Full Body Blitz

Our 30 Minute Body Bar Classes gives you that cardio and resistance training blast that will keep you on track to meetiing your goals. The foam padded weighted bars range in weight to accommodate the beginner getting back to fitness and the seasoned gym goer looking for a serious workout. The Body Bar class is a perfect precursor to the evening  boxercise class. Book in a free trial today!

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All Girls Fitness, Age 11-16

Sanity is designed to address the "Perfect Body" mindset of young girls.

Sessions are designed to improve  fitness , nutrition, and give them the confidence to feel good in their own skin.

Classes start Sep 6th and will run every Wednesday 7:15-8:00 pm.

Every week will be different, engaging, incorporating new food ideas, home workout tips and group discussions about our worries or problems regarding body image. 




Time to Invest in You!

If your looking to reach your fitness goals and your ready to fully commit to making that change than our Personal Training Sessions will get you there. Your 1 on 1 , 45 minute sessions are tailored for you to get the results you want. Easy? No. Worth It? Definitely !


Challenging & Stress Relieving

Our 30 Minute Boxercise classes are fast, intense and fun! No boxing experience needed. Our instructors will guide you every step and punch of the way. A fun and stress relieving fitness class.

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 Evolve is dedicated to our clients achieving their goals. We understand that every client is an individual and not one plan can fit all. Every member receives a  Level12 nutrition and fitness plan tailored to them. 


Its 80% Nutrition

Its 80% Nutrition and 20% working out so can you afford to ignore what really matters? There is one simple rule "You Cannot Out Train a Bad Diet!"  Our inhouse nutritionist will be more than happy to guide you and find the nutrition plan to suit your long term goals.


Go For It!

New to weights? Not to worry!  Evolve has a weights room to accomodate members training regime. We also use light weights such as Kettlebells  in our classes to add positive resistance training to our clients workouts. As we get older our muscle mass naturally decreases and its imperative to incorporate regular weights training into your overall fitness regime. Increase your strength, muscle mass, and get the results your looking for!!


Fun and Stress Relieving

Our Clients Enjoy our Kick Fit and Cardio Boxing sessions as fun, stress relieving, and a great way to get fit! Our Level12 classes incorporates our Cardio Boxing and for those of you who want a full dose of hitting the pads our Kickfit classes are what you are looking for!


10 West Street Yarm TS15 9BU

01642 983 143

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