The Level12 Fitness & Lifestyle Challenge

Our Level 12 Fitness and Lifestyle Challenge is all about gradual activity & nutrition changes to make positive life long results. The Leve12 Programme is not a quick fix low calorie diet exercise regime. Unfortunately, the quick fix mindset is endemic in our society and all we see is the before and after pictures of people the majority of which will put it all back on (and then some).

Level12 is not a diet plan or a strict intensive exercise regime. The plan focuses on tracking daily activity levels at home, work, gym and starts by you simply logging what you eat on a regular basis. It is amazing how people really don't know how much they are eating on a daily basis and how little activity they have in a regular week. Level 12 first gets you to understand your current lifestyle and then how to make small changes that will incrementally make a big difference!

The chart below has some extremely interesting stats and should answer a lot of your questions regarding diet and the problems with the fad quick fix programmes. You will see that relying on weight readings alone is the worst way of tracking your progress. Everyone on the Level 12 programme uses the bio-electrical body analysis scales that will track the key factors of Body Fat (+Visceral), Muscle Mass, and hydration.

Before you starting saying " Coach this chart is all American!" Yes, I know that we are in the UK , but don't be fooled, we are only 1 place below them in the world obesity ratings.

Here is to keeping positive and making the good choices,


- Coach

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